Boyfriend Reveals "Don’t Touch My Girl" MV

2011-10-05 19:12:59 2011-10-05 12:13:00

After releasing teaser and concept photos earlier, the rookie group Boyfriend released the full music video of “Don’t Touch My Girl“ for their second single album also with the same title. Their music label Starship Entertainment released it on their YouTube channel this morning.

The six guys set out to capture noona fans with their new song. The music video shows each of them spending happy times with a girl. Later it’s revealed that they are only memories. They also show their new choreography and colorful outfits that suit the song.


Boyfriend has teamed up with Sweetune for this single. Sweetune is the famous composing duo who has worked on a lot of hit songs with KARA and INFINITE, and this is their first time working with Boyfriend. The group will make their comeback on October 6.

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