Group Clover Presents Unique Gift for Fans

2011-10-05 11:37:29 2011-10-05 04:37:30

Music group Clover (Eun Ji Won, Mister Typhoon, and Gilmi) are hosting a very unusual event for their fans.

The song “A Guy I Know“, which was released on September 29, is a work that all members worked on to produce, write, and compose. With an upbeat rhythm like the Latin number “La Vida Loca”, “A Guy I Know” is an exciting new song which is quickly becoming very popular. To express its love and gratitude for its fans, Clover decided to set up a special promotion.

For every download that Clover’s hit song “A Guy I Know” receives on certain sites such as Nate and Monkey3, Clover will present coupons for skincare products to fans. The product is a moisturizing skin whitening treatment. This is not your typical celebrity gift.

Eun Ji Won, who was known as the celebrity who “doesn’t care for his skin”, presented his fans with makeup gifts at the fan meeting for his fifth album. Netizens commented that it was “extraordinary” how he could supply his fans with coupons for this event. 

Clover’s “A Guy I Know” is currently played on several music programs. Kudos to Clover for taking care of their fans!