IU, No Longer a Little Girl

2011-10-05 06:27:54 2011-10-04 23:27:54

Singer IU has leveled up in maturity by showing off a perfect body ratio. 

On the 3rd, a photo of IU was posted on an online portal website with the title, “Recently matured IU”.

IU recently showed up at an event that was held COEX, which is located in Samsung-Dong, Seoul, wearing a black mini one-piece dress with red high heels. Up until now IU has shown a very cute image, always wearing cute clothes. But now that she has matured, so has her visual appearance.

Netizens who came across this photo responded, “IU now has the scent of a lady”, “Did she exercise a lot? Hey body line has matured a lot” and “I think it has been a while since she has worn a dress that short”.

Meanwhile, IU is planning on coming back later this month with her new album.