SNSD Controversy: How Short Is Too Short?

2011-10-05 08:31:43 2014-05-07 18:06:35

Now usually when I report news, I usually refrain from the Jbarky style of writing, but I couldn’t resist for this controversy. Basically, SNSD received criticism because of wearing clothes they had two years before, saying that it was “too suggestive” WTF?

On October 3, for the “2011 Hallyu Dream Concert,” SNSD wore their “Tell Me Your Wish” outfits which were jackets and hot pants (The word for short shorts in Korean.)

After the concert Netizens (Gotta love em Netizens) complained that the shorts were too short. This had people (including myself) perplexed, it was the same concept two years ago and there wasn’t any controversy back then, why bring it up now?

Could it possibly be that the recent controversy about “suggestiveness” and “explicitness” caused by the KCC have helped some Netizens come out of their shell and complain about everything sexy, beautiful, and holy(?). Only history will be the judge of that.

Or maybe not, what do you think? Too short?