F.T. Island Releases Album Jacket for Remake Album “Memory in FTIsland”

2011-10-06 08:52:55 2011-10-06 01:52:55

F.T. Island will release a remake album on October 10. The remake album is titled “Memory in FTIsland” and they have released the album jacket on October 6. The pictures in the album jacket depict men reminiscing about the past.

The album contains the theme that “music contains memories” and it contains remake songs of different generations that would fit perfectly into the autumn season. The album has a special meaning for fans because F.T. Island has been busy because of their Japanese promotions and also their preparation for their Asian tour. F.T. Island wanted to release this album for the fans before they release their official album next year.

F.T. Island’s agency FNC MUSIC, has stated, “This remake album is the best of its kind because it will instill warmth into the listener during the cold autumn season. The album will be a comfortable one that allows one to immerse into memories.”

A teaser will be released through the official F.T. Island homepage and Youtube channel.