T-ara and Shinsadong Tiger Joins Forces Once Again to Produce "Lovey-Dovey"

2011-10-06 06:58:28 2011-10-05 23:58:28

T-ara will once again be joining forces with the talented song writer Shinsadong Tiger to produce their new song “Lovey-Dovey” as part of their comeback planned for November. T-ara had previously worked with Shinsadong Tiger during the production of “Bo Peep Bo Peep” and “Roly-Poly.” T-ara’s new song “Lovey-Dovey” will be the 3rd song in this series.

The song’s title “Lovey-Dovey” is a word that is used to describe a person or couple expressing affection in any extremely extravagant way. The song itself will be a combination of electronic club and retro styles, so as to appeal to all ages.

Another piece of news regarding T-ara’s new album that is getting fans excited is the news that song writer Jo Yong Soo, who was responsible for “I Go Crazy Because Of You,” will be producing a different version of the song to go into T-ara’s new album.

Other song writers that are producing work for T-ara’s new album are popular song writers Brave Brothers and Kang Ji Won. Brave Brothers was responsible for songs such as Big Bang’s “Lies” and Sistar‘s “So Cool,” while Kang Ji Won was responsible for songs such as Secret’s “Madonna” and “Shy Boy.”