T-ara’s Eunjung Cast In "Taking Over"

2011-10-07 19:35:15 2011-10-07 12:35:16

T-ara’s Eunjung will return to the drama world once again.

Eunjung was recently cast as the younger version of Chae Si Ra in the upcoming drama “Taking Over.” Her last major role in a drama was that of Baekhee in “Dream High” with Kim Soohyun, miss A’s Suzy and 2PM’s Taecyon and Wooyoung. She also starred in the film “White: Curse of the Melody.”

On the casting, Eunjung said “When I first read the ‘Taking Over’ plot, I thought it was interesting and full of tension and something I would like to try out.”

“Taking Over” is a drama about the hardships of three women and the ambition of becoming a queen. The drama spans from a person in the 5th generation of the family all the way to the 10th generation. Chae Si Ra and Kim Mi Sook have also been cast in the drama while the PD will be Lee Tae Gon. The series will run for 50 episodes. Its first episode is set to air in December.