Haha and Taeyeon Act Like Newlyweds on Running Man

2011-10-08 22:02:51 2011-10-08 15:02:52

On this week’s episode set to air on the 9th, SBS’s “Running Man” aired its “Quick Quick Race” where one of the missions was to make dinner from scratch.

Six members from SNSDYuna, Yuri, Taeyeon, Jessica, Hyoyeon, and Seohyun and the six male casts of the Running crew competed in an earnest cooking competition where the two teams got to exchange one member each to the opposing side as in a player-swap. The SNSD team chose Haha while the Running team selected Jessica.

Before the actual cooking started however, Haha, being on the SNSD team, paired up with Taeyeon to pick out groceries while Jessica, who was now on the Running team, went with Gary to the same supermarket.

During their time grocery shopping, the Haha-Taeyeon couple coined nicknames for each other and told the spectators and employees around them that “they would live well together” and their actions of picking out products and how they strolled beside each other while walking the aisles resembled how an actual newly-wed couple would act. Furthermore, when the Haha-Taeyeon couple met the Gary-Jessica couple in the middle of an aisle, Haha asked the other pair “Oh are you the couple who lives a floor down from us?” The most humorous segment, however, was in the reply, in which Gary, donning a sad face, said “We’re going to break up after we eat dinner.”