Pictures from First Filming of "Flower Boys of the Ramen Shop"

2011-10-08 01:00:41 2011-10-07 18:00:42

Actor Jung Il Woo is going to make his comeback with tvN‘s “Flower Boys of the Ramen Shop”, which will air Mondays and Tuesdays. The first stills from the set have been revealed.

In the pictures, Jung Il Woo looks very free and at ease. He looked into the camera and smiled brightly, giving a cheery peace sign. In another one of the pictures, he is seen looking very concentrated and focused on handling the self camera. (His hair looks so perfect!)

The first filming was action-packed and exciting. In the episode that was shot, Jung Il Woo had to run away, playing the part of a character who is pursued by his own bodyguards. Before the camera rolled, he was seen discussing the actions with the director, checking and checking again to ensure a successful shoot.

Jung Il Woo’s style was chic, as always. He matched a black suit with a dotted scarf. For accessories, he added a black watch and an eye catching bracelet.

“Flower Boys of the Ramen Shop” focuses on the exciting adventures of a ramen shop that is operated by female college students and a group of good looking boys. The first episode airs on October 31, so stay tuned!