Brown Eyed Girls Prefer Singing Live

2011-10-09 11:23:04 2011-10-09 04:23:05

The public has been wondering if the Brown Eyed Girls still have healthy throats after singing so many high notes on live music programs. After hearing this news, Brown Eyed Girls publicly announced that they prefer singing high notes live so they asked the producers to let them sing most of the parts live.

Nega network, the company responsible for Brown Eyed Girls’ activities, initially planned to reduce the number of performances to only about one or two per week. The reason was due to the fact that the title song, “Sixth Sense,” consists of numerous high notes that can damage the members’ throats. Regardless, the Brown Eyed Girls all wanted more live performances.

Recently, Jea told a reporter, “Songs with many high notes like ‘Sixth Sense’ are indeed difficult in the beginning, but we are just so anxious to appear on many stages since it took us almost two years to make a comeback. For this reason, we personally requested for more performance opportunities.”

She continued, “Many of our fans keep worrying about the condition of our throats – some even sent us herbal medicine. Due to so much support, we’ve done so well on all of our stages.” Adding onto Jea’s comment, Narsha stated, “All this work is so hard that I feel dead sometimes, but it’s all good.”

After the live performance of “Sixth Sense” took place, Brown Eyed Girls took over the music charts – placing number one on various music charts right after their comeback.

Here is one of their recent performances from this past weekend.