Goo Hara’s Unbelievable Waist Size Confirmed

2011-10-09 22:38:59 2011-10-09 15:39:00

Recently, Goo Haras waist size was revealed on a popular reality show.

On SBSDiet Survival Victory” that aired on October 9, Kara appeared on the show. During their visit, the members of Kara danced to their popular song, “Mister,” for the challengers.

After the short dance performance by Kara, the members taught the challengers how to dance to “Mister.” Subsequently, the members tried becoming more intimate with the challengers by sharing some diet stories of their own. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a bit awkward since it was only their first meeting.

One of the challengers finally tried to break the ice by asking Goo Hara, “Your waist seems so skinny from the back. What’s your waist size?” Goo Hara replied, “Sadly, I don’t even know my own waist size, but I do know that I wear size 44 (24 inches).”

To finally check what her actual waist size is, Goo Hara asked for a measuring tape. It turns out that her waist size is approximately 22 inches (56.6 cm). After hearing this, all the challengers appeared to be extremely jealous of her figure.