Leessang’s Gil Doesn’t Fit Gary’s Present

2011-10-09 06:39:19 2011-10-08 23:39:20

Korea’s hip hop duo Leessang’s Gil has recently amused his fans and netizens by uploading a funny picture of himself.

On October 8, the rapper Gil twittered, “I got a Gary-shirt from Gary~ but the size is a bit… (referring that it is too small) He knows me 16 years…” and uploaded a humorous picture of himself.

The picture is framed in a cute pink frame with a bunny and hearts and he is wearing the Gary-shirt while doing a funny, robot-like pose. The Korean caption mentions, “I am Gary bot”, referring to the Gary robot image that is printed on the shirt. As he mentions in his tweet, the T-shirt seems too small and tight in the picture.

Amused netizens advised him to go on a diet and left a few humorous comments themselves, “That was probably your size 16 years ago” “I think you should start a diet” “Gary is probably unaware of the fact that your body has gotten bigger” and “Maybe you two are not that close, I mean 16 years, are you sure that you are really close?”