Yoona Featured on Onstyle’s “Get It Beauty”

2011-10-09 12:25:58 2011-10-09 05:25:59

With SNSD set to make their comeback very soon, girl group member Yoona has captured the spotlight first- with her skin. On October 5, Yoona was interviewed on Onstyle’sGet It Beauty”, a show based on beauty tips and celebrity styles, where she displayed her flawless skin which radiated under the lighting.

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When asked what kind of cosmetic products she uses, Yoona responded with “Well, since I have very dry skin I apply a large amount of hydration cream or any product that has a lot of moisture.” She also revealed that when applying make-up, she uses blush, mascara, and foundation for a natural look and that “good looking skin is the most important basis for make up, so I try to take really good care of it.”

Lastly, Yoona commented that “confidence is most important. I always try to think positively and laugh as much as possible- I think with these two anyone can be pretty. I’ll keep trying to do these things.”

Those who watched this episode responded with comment such as “I guess I have to pour some hydration cream on face for the longest time…”, “How does someone be so pretty?” and “It’s like her skin radiates light.”

SNSD has already drawn quite a crowd with their teaser videos which premiered on October 1st, and with the comeback stage all set for all nine beautiful ladies, Yoona is not going to be the only one who will shine under the spotlight.