2PM’s Junsu Reveals Music Video for "ALIVE"

2011-10-10 17:37:39 2011-10-10 10:37:40

2PM’s Junsu has just released the music video for his solo single “ALIVE.”

Uploaded on 2PM’s official YouTube channel, Junsu released the track under the name “Jun.K.” The video shows a different side of Junsu, donned in a black suit in a monochromatic setting.  

“ALIVE” is a hip hop track infused with orchestra music, unique from 2PM’s usual musical style. The song was composed by Junsu himself together with Chance of One Way. The song was first revealed at the “Hands Up” concert in Seoul.

Junsu will be using the name “Jun.K” for promotions of his single. 2PM is presently gearing up for the start of their “Hands Up” tour across Asia.

JYP Entertainment recently released concept photos, a teaser video and a short message from Junsu in anticipation of the single’s release.

Watch the music video here: