Jung Yeop to Return with a Solo Album after Three Years

2011-10-10 07:22:45 2011-10-10 00:22:45

Ballad group Brown Eyed Soul’s leader and sentimentalist vocalist Jung Yeop will be comingback as a solo after three years of inactivity.

It has been announced that Jung Yeop’s second solo album will be released in two parts with the titles “Part I” and “Part II.” “Part I : Me” will be released at midnight on October 11, and “Part II” is to be released in 2012.

The two halves of the album represent two different feelings. “Part I” is decorated with only feelings of extreme sadness, with blurred focus and dark shadows filling the album jacket. In contrast, “Part II” will have a rather brighter tone of music.

Regarding this split, a company representative has stated, “This album is split into two parts that each hold contrasting feelings, and we plan to show the unique individualities of Jung Yeop through it.”

The company also introduced the album with, “This album highlights the extreme sadness that is only expressed through his voice, throwing aside the typical frame of albums. The title track is “Tears Come” co-created by Jung Yeop and Eco Bridge. Also in this album, singer-songwriter Yoon Jong Shin has also participated as a composer.”

Currently, Jung Yeop is busy preparing for the release of his second solo album as well as his fourth solo concert under the title “K.I.S.S.” that will be held primarily at Seoul, Busan, and Daegu.