JYPE Uploads The Behind The Scenes Video of Jun K’s "Alive" Photo Shoot

2011-10-10 21:51:56 2011-10-10 14:51:57

Let’s dress up our Jun K doll!

Do you want to join Jun K at the photo shoot for his solo project? Well, now you can! Recently, the singer released his digital single album entitled “Alive.” JYP Entertainment tweeted the latest “Real 2PM” episode on YouTube of their afternoon band behind the scenes at Jun K’s photo shoot. They came to cheer him on, eat hamburgers, and play with a stuffed panda! Check out the “Jun K’ s Alive Photo Shooting” episode below:

“Please check out the new [Real 2PM] video on 2pm’s official YouTube Channel (2pm YouTube),” tweeted JYP Entertainment.

Earlier today, the music video for Jun. K’s “Alive” was released. 2PM also released the “Ultra Lover” music video for their Japanese audience this weekend. This is the follow up to the group’s “I’m You Man” single in Japan and “Hands Up” hit in Korea.

What do you think of their brotherly love and support of Jun K?