Brown Eyed Girls Narsha Shows Off Her New Make-Up Style

2011-10-10 02:39:53 2011-10-09 19:39:54

Narsha of the Brown Eyed Girls has recently stunned her fans again with a new selca picture of herself.

On October 8, she tweeted, “I am so excited of the fact that I am so busy. Yahoo!” and uploaded a selca picture along with this message. The picture reveals her new make-up style which is based on the smoky-eyes concept. Her dark smoky eyes are contrasted against her white powdered skin.

Netizens expressed their mixed feelings by commenting, “I was so scared,” “Your charisma is amazing,” “I think your make-up is done too heavy,” “The trend nowadays are natural pictures,” “This heavy make-up suits you well,” and “The changes suit you well.”

Meanwhile, Narsha and her fellow members of the Brown Eyed Girls are still busy with the promotion of their new hit single “Sixth Sense.”

Do you think this make-up style fits her well?