Shin Min Ah And Jo In Sung Attend The 2011 Pink Ribbon Love Marathon

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The “2011 Pink Ribbon Love Marathon” has opened in full swing at five different cities in Korea. Along with other celebrities, Shin Min Ah and Jo In Sung attended the event.

Cosmetics brand Amore Pacific opened the “Pink Ribbon Love Marathon” on October 9 to raise awareness of breast cancer and the importance of frequent check-ups.

On this day, Amore Pacific’s exclusive models, Shin Min Ah (model for the “Hera” line) and Jo In Sung (model for the “Hera Homme” line) participated in this event. Other celebrities who attended the event include actress Ko Doo Shim (board member of the Korea Breast Cancer Foundation), pianist Seo Hye Kyung and pop group Can, who performed for the event.

Shin Min Ah and Jo In Sung were captured in many photos looking quite close. They both had a pink article of clothing as part of their outfits for this special day.

The marathon was a successful event, with over 13,000 participants in Seoul and drawing nearly 260,000 dollars in total.