Aziatix Releases Music Video for "A Game"

2011-10-11 20:20:16 2011-10-11 13:20:16

Today Aziatix released the music video for “A Game,” a track from their “Nocturnal” album which was released in July.

“A Game” differs from previous songs as it showcases the group’s hip hop influence. Headlined by Flowsik‘s rap and flow, members Eddie and Nicky back up the strong beats with their warm vocals. The song was produced, arranged, recorded, and mixed by Jae Chong. Composition and lyrics are by Flowsik, Eddie, and Jae Chong.

Throughout the music video, the group is seen performing in a club setting while going through the streets.

Aziatix has also filmed music videos for the tracks “Slippin’ Away” and “Cold” from the album. The trio is known for their R&B music styled with rap from member Flowsik. Last month, they released the music video for their rock version of Be With You.

You can support Aziatix by getting their album on itunes here.