Boyfriend Releases BTS Photos of "Don’t Touch My Girl" MV

2011-10-11 16:11:12 2011-10-11 09:11:13

The rookie group Boyfriend released exclusive behind the scenes photos of their “Don’t Touch My Girl” music video. They announced it on the group’s Facebook fanpage recently.

In the photos, we can see each member getting into the mood for the video shoot. The music video has reached one million views within three days of release, showing their popularity among fans.

The style in the music video is casual and laidback compared to their album concept photos that showed a military style.

Check out the photos especially for Bestfriends.


 Youngmin becomes a man 

 Another picture of Youngmin


Donghyun and Lee Se Young

The ‘Maknae’ Minwoo grows from a boy to a man!


So which styles do Bestfriends like for Boyfriend?