The Vampire Prosecutor Is Doing Well!

2011-10-11 06:42:10 2011-10-10 23:42:10

If any of you have followed my JBARKY WTF Moments in the past, you will know that I once bashed the “Vampire Prosecutor” because I thought the idea was ridiculous.

Well, the second episode of “Vampire Prosecutor” aired and it received an average viewership rating of 2.33% with its highest viewership rating being 2.82%. This number might seem miniscule but at its current timeslot (11PM Korean Time) the program is #1 for viewership ratings.

So what makes this drama popular?

The main character Min Tae Yeon (Played by Yeon Jung Hoon) is a good looking prosecutor that is rich. Unlike your typical crime-thrillers, he uses something similar to “Psychometrics.” Min Tae Yeon will drink in the blood of a victim and in his head he will recreate the crime scene.

Afterwards, the vampire prosecutor will find the evidence in order to prosecute the criminal.

The “Vampire Prosecutor” which broadcasts on the cable channel OCN, on Sundays at 11pm.