Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha "My Ex-Boyfriend Cheated on Me with a Girl that He Lived with"

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On the episode of Strong Heart that was broadcast on October 11. Narsha said, “Around Christmas I always ended up breaking up with my lovers.”

She began her story, “One day I met a man at the bus stop, it was just like a scene from a movie, and it was destiny. I had a part time job in Myeongdong (A shopping district in Seoul) and I also met him there, we had good feelings so we ended up going out.”

She continued, “We had a good relationship until suddenly one day my boyfriend was being distant. From another friend I heard that my boyfriend was living with another woman.”

She finished with, “The ex-boyfriend was living with another woman while dating me. I was shocked and went to his home and I met a woman who was holding a dog. I walked down a street crying, while it was snowing.”