Tablo Returns to Twitter After a Year

2011-10-12 19:28:21 2011-10-12 12:28:21

Epic High leader Tablo started to tweet again after a year of absence from the social media site . 

His last tweet was on October 16 2010, thanking his fans who showed all the supports after the Stanford degree accusation. He appeared again on October 12 2011 with this tweet “To my airbags, from tablo.”

The link opens a page on YG Life Blog where a countdown timer to the launch for Tablo’s solo single appears. He will be releasing his first single on October 14 as a solo artist with the title “Airbag.”

From the title of the song came the nickname for his fans “Airbags.” The song is produced together with YG Entertainment and it will feature Naul

Many of Epik High’s fans are happy to hear from him again and hope to hear more updates from Tablo on his twitter.