IU’s Comeback Set for November: Going Head to Head with Other Girl Groups

2011-10-13 21:01:13 2011-10-13 14:01:14

The “nation’s dongseng (little sister)” IU has set her official comeback for November.

Currently, IU is working hard on her second official album. Previously, she had already risen to the top with her past hit, “Good Day,” and news of her comeback is gathering much attention.

Sources say, “We have set IU’s comeback to November instead of October. But the exact date will be decided next week.”

Originally, IU’s production team had set their goal for her comeback to be in October. However, the release date was pushed back as they are now focusing on minor details in order to bring perfection to IU’s album.

In November she will be going against top girl groups such as SNSD and Wonder Girls. There has been rising expectations and anticipation for this battle of the female idols. 

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