Song Joong Ki Praised For His "Shoulder-Acting"

2011-10-13 12:01:04 2011-10-13 05:01:05

Actor Song Joong Ki’s “shoulder-acting” has been attracting much attention when a netizen posted a topic called “Song Joong Ki’s times as a reporter” on an online community message board on Oct 9. It was referring to Song Joong Ki’s appearance as a reporter in 2007 drama “Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung.” While the particular scene focused mainly on Sung Dong Il and Song Joong Ki did not have much significant lines, his expressive shoulders and back view (literally) spoke volumes.

Of course, aside from his shoulder-acting, his good looks also attracted attention. Netizens commented, “He was a good-looking flower guy since 4 years ago,” “Whether its looks, acting, or character, Song Joong Ki is perfect.”

Currently, Song Joong Ki is starring as the young King Sejong in SBS Wed-Thur drama “Tree with Deep Roots.”