‘Adam Couple’ Ga In-Jo Kwon, They Still Look Good Together

2011-10-14 21:16:00 2011-10-14 14:16:00

‘Adam couple’ Jo Kwon and Ga In have revealed a new comical photo. 

On the October 14, Ga In uploaded onto her personal mini homepage a photo that she had taken with Jo Kwon.

The photo that was revealed showed Ga In in her outfit for Brown Eyed Girls’ new song “Sixth Sense.” As well as wearing her brown colored trench coat, she also had her smoky, dark makeup on. Meanwhile, Jo Kwon was wearing comfortable jeans and a grey jacket. Standing side-by-side together made netizens miss the once-married couple. 

What also caught the attention of the viewers was the stack of lunch boxes on top of each of their heads. While Ga In is making a sad face, Jo Kwon is posing cutely in front of the camera, making his eyes big and rounded while pouting his lips. The contrasting facial expressions created laughter amongst viewers. 

The netizens who came across this photo left different responses such as, “I’m glad you two still have a close relationship”, “You two really suit each other well”, and “What is up with Jo Kwon’s expression?”