So Ji Sub Sets Up One-Man Agency

2011-10-14 12:32:35 2011-10-14 05:32:36

So Ji Sub, always one to go his own route, has recently decided to go it alone and set up a one-man agency. However, he has revealed that the agency is for his own sake — in other words, he has no plans to recruit junior actors into his agency.

In a recent interview with an Internet news site, So Ji Sub revealed, “This one-man business is entirely for the sake of my own activities,” and “I’m not even thinking about plans to foster young actors.”

So Ji Sub explained further by stating, “I don’t think my desires would be satisfied even if I was to foster young actors.” He continued on by saying, “If I can’t treat my younger actors well, then I think it would be better not having them in the agency at all.”

So Ji Sub’s new agency is called 51K. He has also diversified his business interests by opening up a coffee shop called “A Twosome Place By 51K”  in July 2011 in Apgujeong.