Sung Si Kyung, “IU Loved Someone”

2011-10-14 10:31:53 2011-10-14 03:31:54

Sung Si Kyung revealed a secret about IU. On the episode of MBC’s “Beautiful Concert” that will be broadcast on October 16, Sung Si Kyung made a sensual performance.

In the past Sung Si Kyung has worked with IU on a duet song titled, “It Is You.” He was asked about any episodes or happenings that occurred while he was working with her. Sung Si Kyung replied, “While we were recording ‘It Is You’ together, I asked IU if she had ever fallen in love. She replied that it was a secret but she has.”

On this day, Sung Si Kyung sang songs such as “You Are My Spring,” “It Would Be Nice,” and “I like.”

On this episode, other singers such as Ali, Sung Hoon, Bada, and Can also appeared.