Super Junior’s Heechul Parodies Orange Caramel, Again

2011-10-14 06:32:19 2011-10-13 23:32:20

Super Junior’s Heechul strikes again with a parody picture of Orange Caramel.

Just yesterday, Orange Caramel unveiled the music video for their latest song “Shanghai Romance.” The song was highly anticipated since it was sure to display Orange Caramel’s quirky and fun image, and because it was also revealed that Heechul helped writing the lyrics for the track.

Heechul has previously shown his love of Orange Caramel through other parody photos, in which he place his and other Super Junior member’s heads on top of the original girl members.”


Heechul continues to show his fanboyish heart with the latest parody photo that has his face photoshopped onto the “Shanghai Romance” album cover. The original photo goes for a “triplet” concept by showing the three female members in similar hairstyles and looks. For the parody photo, Heechul photoshopped his head onto the girls’ bodies to create the hilarious illusion of three girlish Heechul’s. It is no longer Orange Caramel; it’s “Hee-range Caramel.”


 Please, Heechul, keep doing this. It makes my day.