Super Star K3: Oolala Session’s Leader Lim Yoon Taek Maintains a Positive Mind Even with 4th Stage Cancer

2011-10-14 07:57:53 2011-10-14 00:57:53

The group contestant team Oolala Session shocked viewers when they admit on Super Star K3 that their leader Lim Yoon Taek has 4th stage cancer.

On October 13 Lim Yoon Taek gave a few words on his current situation in an interview, “Oolala Session’s music is very bright but the truth behind that is very depressing. Ever since I was born there were no depressing moments in my life. I am always enjoying the new circumstances surrounding me. I believe that is why I am able to smile and sing on stage.”

Oolala Session has already stated that if they win Super Star K3, it will go to helping treat their leader “Lim Yoon Taek.” Oolala Session continues to move audiences by their energetic and bright performances each week on Super Star K3.