4minute’s Ji Yoon Celebrates Her Birthday

2011-10-16 23:41:24 2011-10-16 16:41:24

Girl group 4minute’s Jeon Ji Yoon celebrated her 22nd birthday. 

On October 15, Ji Yoon posted on her Twitter, “Although I received birthday punches, I’m a happy girl” along with several pictures. 

In the pictures, you can see Ji Yoon and the rest of the 4minute members having fun. You can see the girls making silly poses, wrapping blankets around their bodies and just overall, having a lot of fun as they celebrated Ji Yoon’s birthday. 

Fans who viewed this said, “I see you’ve received many birthday punches from the members! Happy birthday!” “Ji Yoon, who always tries so hard in everything, fighting!” “Ga Yoon’s face is really something. Ji Yoon, are you okay?” and many other congratulatory messages for Ji Yoon.

4minute, along with BEAST and G.NA, recently came to the states for the “MTV K Presents United Cube Live in NYC” in Times Square.