Harmful Media Status for SM the Ballad’s “Tomorrow..” Removed

2011-10-17 03:41:40 2011-10-16 20:41:40

SM the Ballad’s “Tomorrow…” had originally received a harmful media status by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (Herefater, MOGEF) because the lyrics contained a reference to “alcohol.” On October 14, the MOGEF stated that “SM the Ballad’s ‘I Miss You too Much’ had received a harmful media status but after the lawsuit and the Supreme Court’s decision, we have removed the harmful media status.”

On August 25, SM Entertainment’s lawsuit against the MOGEF was decided in SM Entertainment’s favor. “SM the Ballad” was SM Entertainment’s project group made up of, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, SHINee’s Jong Hyun, Trax’ Jay, and JINO. After about 50 days since the court decision the Ministry of Gender Equality has made the official announcement.

But, what does receiving “Harmful Media Status” really mean? SM the Ballad’s album had to be displayed with the “Not for anyone under 19” label. About this, SM Entertainment had stated, “The MOGEF gave ‘Tomorrow…’ harmful media status without a clear standard of judgment. The action taken by the MOGEF overtly limits freedom of expression guaranteed by the Korean constitution.”

Currently, the MOGEF is now reconsidering their standards of judgment for K-Pop.