T-ara Hyomin’s Froggy Eyes

2011-10-17 05:46:18 2011-10-16 22:46:19

A photo of T-ara’s Hyomin emerged on October 17, where the girl group member showed off her face after a sleepless night of rehearsing, with her eyes being as big and puffy as a frog’s.

Hyomin uploaded the picture of herself on her Twitter account, with the description saying “Is being tired our new concept? Just look at my facial expression… Another night without sleep, but now it’s all over! Yahoo~.”

The picture of Hyomin does indeed show exhaustion, her eyes are extremely puffy and her mouth is protruding outwards. Netizens remarked that this pouting pose somewhat resembles that of a frog, with comments such as “I don’t know if her eyes are puffed up or her mouth is… Maybe both?” and “She looks like a frog that’s tired from swimming.”

Battling their tiredness to come back onto the stage on November 1, T-ara has their title song “Lovey-Dovey” all set to go.