Eat Your Kimchi Reviews Infinite’s "Paradise" MV

2011-10-18 03:01:34 2011-10-17 20:01:34

This week for Music Monday, Simon and Martina reviewed Infinite‘s “Paradise” music video.

While Simon and Martina are really big fans of Infinite, they couldn’t really get into the MV because of it’s “80’s” sound. They also felt that the video could have really used an interesting twist to it.

It was also a big surprise to have no dancing in the video since Infinite usually has very good choreography to showcase. They do, however, talk about the live performance of the song for it’s excessive thrusting in the dance. 

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This week they asked which group of “home invaders” you liked more, Infinite in “Paradise” or CN Blue in “Love Girl.” Go vote on the Youtube video or on their Facebook or Twitter pages.

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