Lee Da Hae Shows Off Her Natural Beauty

2011-10-18 03:59:29 2011-10-17 20:59:30

The beautiful and talented actress Lee Da Hae has once again stunned her fans and netizens with a gorgeous selca picture of herself.

On October 18, the actress tweeted, “Tonight I went for a walk. However, maybe it is just the cold weather, but I feel like I am catching a cold, or maybe I am not. Please take care of your health everyone!” She uploaded a selca picture of herself along with the message.

In this picture, Lee Da Hae is lying on her bed, rubbing her eye. Her natural face looks stunning, as she shows off her beautiful flawless skin.

Netizens praised her natural beauty by commenting, “Your beauty is just radiating” and “I hope you will lose your cold soon.”