SNSD Tiffany’s ₩300,000 ($260) Manicure!

2011-10-18 23:53:15 2011-10-18 16:53:15

On this week’s episode of MBC every1’s “Weekly Idol,” MCs Jung Hyung Don and Defcon will attempt to solve a SNSD knowledge quiz to test whether or not they truly know every fact about SNSD. During the show, the two MCs made the trip to BUB Nail Salon in Shinsadong where SNSD frequently visit to get their nails done.

The representative of the shop revealed that the girls were very meticulous, down to their nails, and prefered more lavish designs before their events. Out of the nine members, Tiffany is famous for her ostentatious nail arts, where each decoration and pearls are glued onto the nails. The cost of such beautiful artwork? A whopping ₩300,000 (roughly $260)! Upon hearing the cost for the manicure, both Jung Hyung Don and Defcon could not hide their shocked expressions. 

After their visit to the nail salon, the hosts went back to the quiz, where they had to answer a variety of SNSD related questions like figuring out who was who just by looking at their legs, pairing up the girls’ families to the right member, and many more funny questions.

Meanwhile, SNSD achieved an “all-kill” on various music charts within hours of releasing their 3rd album, “The Boys.” MBC every1’s “Weekly Idol” SNSD edition will air this Saturday, October 22nd, at 2PM KST.