Rain’s Little Sister Jung Ha Na Reveals Rain’s Letter, “I’m Fine, Don’t Worry”

2011-10-19 03:34:56 2011-10-18 20:34:57

Rain’s first letter while at training school for his military service was revealed. On October 15, through her Cyworld Mini-Homepage Rain’s little sister Jung Ha Na posted a picture of the package that rain sent, and also the letter.

Rain’s little sister said, “The package arrived today. When I received it I was fine, but the moment I started reading the letter I started to cry. I cried when I read, ‘To my sister who I love most in the world’ and laughed when he asked me to wash our dog Baek Goo.”

She also stated, “After looking at his picture I felt a lot better.”

Rain also wrote to his little sister, “Always remember to lock the door, be careful when you go out at night, and be careful of cars! I am doing really well so you don’t have to worry about me.”

Rain’s little sister wrote on her Mini-Homepage for fans, “My brother is doing well so don’t worry too much about him.”

On October 11, Rain was dispatched to Division 5 (located in Gyeonggi Province) as a trainee soldier.