Secret’s Reaction to SNSD’s "The Boys"

2011-10-19 17:31:07 2011-10-19 10:31:08

Girl group Secret voiced out wonders of awe after watching SNSD‘s music video for “The Boys.”

Through the OSEN interview on October 19, the members of Secret expressed their thoughts on SNSD’s new music video. They said, “We saw SNSD sunbaenims’ (address of respect for seniors) music video today. Even to us, they were so awesome.”

Secret’s Sun Hwa said, “SNSD was so beautiful in the music video. I thought, ‘This is SNSD,'” as she put her thumbs up.

Ji Eun said, “The director for our music video and SNSD’s music video is the same person. He has shot our music videos since our debut but this time, he also shot SNSD’s music video. The director shot SNSD’s music video before ours so we joked, ‘Do you like the SNSD unnis more than us?'”

Hyo Sung said, “The fact that we could stand on stage with the SNSD sunbaenims is such an honor. We know this is a great opportunity and we will try very hard.”

Secret released their first official album “Moving in Secret” on October 18 while SNSD released their third album “The Boys” on October 19.