SISTAR Hyorin’s First OST

2011-10-19 06:21:35 2011-10-18 23:21:36

SISTAR’s Hyorin just gave her first try at an OST.

SISTAR’s agency stated on October 19, “Hyorin just finished recording for KBS-2TV’s ‘Glory Jane.’ She used her unique voice in order to express the longing emotions felt by the main characters.” Hyorin sang the main title theme which is “Because to Me, It Is You.” The song was written by the Lee Pil Ho and is a ballad.

A representative of the OST said, “When Hyorin heard the ‘guide’ version of the song she cried. The song is beautiful because of its melody and lyrics.

The OST that Hyorin recorded will be released through different music websites at 12:00am on October 20.

Netizens that heard the news commented, “I think I heard parts of it during the second episode,” “I am so excited because this is Hyorin’s first OST.”