Soo Ae Is the Kissing Terminator

2011-10-19 13:34:44 2014-05-06 04:19:07

The actress Soo Ae is currently being called the “Kiss Scene Terminator” because of her sensual acting in popular dramas.

In “Athena: Goddess of War” she had kiss scenes with Jung Woo Sung and now for “A Thousand Days’ Promise” she has already had a swimming pool kiss scene with Kim Rae Won.

The reason that these kiss scenes are gaining attention isn’t because they are explicit but rather because they fit in well with the story and increases the thrill of the drama.

So what were Soo Ae’s own thoughts about the kiss scenes in “A Thousand Days’ Promise?” At a press conference for “A Thousand Day’s Promise” she had stated, “I was very nervous and it was awkward. I was actually supposed to be more aggressive when I was kissing Kim Rae Won, but once we started filming he was the one that took control. He was so good at leading that I didn’t have many problems.”

To this Kim Rae Won joked, “Oh I didn’t know. For example in one scene Soo Ae had to rip my shirt open but it wouldn’t really rip. I had to rip open my shirt by myself.”