Super Junior’s Shindong and Rania, "Without Manner Hands?"

2011-10-19 15:30:40 2011-10-19 08:30:40

Super Junior’s Shindong wrote on his me2day, “For me!! I do not have ‘Manner Hands!!!’ Actually I started out having manner hands… but I was scolded by the photographer.. T_T, RaNia who took the picture with me… I am sorry T-ae and Xia… But… I!! I!! I!! Had a good time heh, I love you RaNia!!”

In the picture you can see Shindong in between T-ae and Xia like a ladies man. However, he does not have “manner hands” indeed. What Shindong means by not having manner hands, is the fact that he is holding their waists. (If he had been showing manner hands he probably wouldn’t be wrapping his hands around the girls’ waists.)

Netizens gave different comments, “Shindong’s manner hands, so funny,” “RaNia I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you,” “If RaNia was next to me I would rather go to hell for not having manner hands,” “I understand Shindong’s heart so well.” 

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