DBSK Reveals Tracklist for Upcoming Japanese Single "Winter"

2011-10-20 15:40:29 2011-10-20 08:40:29

It was previously reported that DBSK will be releasing a new Japanese single this November. Now, more details about the upcoming single have been revealed on the group’s Japanese website.

The single is titled “Winter” and will contain DBSK’s first ever Japanese Christmas song, “Winter Rose.” In anticipation of the winter season, a winter version of “Duet” from the “TONE” album is also part of the single.

“Winter” will be available in two versions – the CD+DVD limited edition and the CD only version. The DVD will contain two versions of the music video for “Duet” and the offshoot movie of the single.  The CD only version will include two bonus tracks not available in the CD+DVD version. The single will be released on November 30.

Check out the full tracklist below:

CD+DVD Limited Edition:

1. Winter Rose

2. Duet – winter ver. –

3. Winter Rose -Less Vocal-

4. Duet – winter ver. – -Less Vocal-

CD Only:

1. Winter Rose

2. Duet – winter ver. –

3. Winter Rose – reversible ver. –

4. Winter Rose -Less Vocal-

5. Duet – winter ver. – – Less Vocal –

6. Duet – winter ver. – – Member Chorus ver. –