Suzy’s Trainee Day Pictures Revealed

2011-10-20 07:55:44 2011-10-20 00:55:45

miss A’s Suzy’s trainee day pictures have been on the hot search lists lately as it proves her cute face even before her debut as an idol singer.

On October 19, a post titled “miss A Suzy Trainee Day Pictures” was posted on a local online community board. There were a lot of pictures from her past, but unsurprisingly, all of them were flawlessly beautiful.

When Suzy went to go to Superstar K’s preliminaries before her debut, she was discovered by a JYP official, and debuted soon after as a member of miss A. Since her trainee years were so short, there are very few pictures available, but from these refreshing pictures you can tell she was born a natural beauty. 

Also, because of these past trainee pictures, her former modeling pictures from middle school are also gaining a lot of popularity.  Her short and thick brown wavy hair is definitely the epitome of “loveliness.” Her pictures are definitely bursting with pure adorable cuteness!

On the other hand, her Chinese CF picture was also released, focusing all the attention from the Internet to her. In the picture, she still has all her baby fat and her chubby round cheeks, flaunting her doll-like beauty. Instead of her usual cute image, she caters a dangerously attractive Femme Fatale image. In the second picture, she looks like an innocent high school student with the two braided pigtails. Her signature full bangs are very adorable, but also suits the sexy image that the CF went after!

The netizens are commenting, “She was born a celebrity,” “She’s seriously the prettiest idol,” “She’s definitely a natural  beauty,” “There is absolutely no embarrassment from her past pictures,” “Wow, her beauty style changes with her makeup,” and “She’s flawlessly beautiful even before her debut!”