[Review] Secret – "Love is MOVE"

2011-10-21 07:28:22 2011-10-21 00:28:22

When someone asks you what a Secret song sounds like, what’s the most common answer? My best guess — big instrumentals, catchy hooks and fun orchestrations. Secret has been doing the “retro” sound for quite a while now, even before other groups caught on to it. And they’re back with “Love is MOVE“, doing what they do best.

The thing with Secret is that even if they completely change their image, whether it be powerful or cute, their trademark sound still remains. From their debut with “I Want You Back,” all the way up to the present, with “Love is MOVE”, they capitalize on catchy hooks, simple, well-sung melodies, and a certain fire to their performances. While other groups equate having a signature sound to sticking to one kind of song forever, Secret isn’t afraid to change because they understand their music, they understand what makes them themselves, and they can take those elements and put them into a whole spectrum of sounds.

And that’s exactly what “Love is MOVE” is; there’s no denying it’s the Secret sound. In the style of all their previous singles, the song has very strong, clean, yet raw instruments and a simple, yet catchy melody. Trumpets and electric guitars add character to the song, and even if there are a million different things happening at the same time, the well-delivered melody pulls everything together.

The melody is simple, hardly any insanely high notes thrown around, which appeals because again, it’s simple enough to be sung by normal people, but it’s the delivery that makes a difference. The strong production contributes a lot to how the song is aggressive, urgent and jam-packed, and yet Secret’s smooth vocals bring everything back into place. The delivery, laced with that outstanding production on the song, makes it easy to listen to, and sing, whether or not it’s on max volume.

As a whole, “Love is MOVE” is a tight song — there’s so much going on all throughout, like a huge vat of stew with every possible ingredient thrown in. But ultimately what wins listeners over is a fresh but familiar, trademark Secret sound.