Song Joong Ki’s Shots for Vogue Korea

2011-10-21 21:31:37 2011-10-21 14:31:37

Actor Song Joong Ki was recently featured in a photoshoot for Vogue Korea. With a conservative style and unique poses, he made a couple of wacky and cute shots.

In the first picture, Song Joong Ki is seen wearing a yellow linen coat which appears to be a little too big for him. His hair is done in a casual style as well, giving a low-maintenance look.

His poses were wacky and one of a kind. Here, his eyes are opened wide and his lips are parted slightly, giving a surprised expression. His hand is laid flat with his thumb in front of his mouth.

In another photo, he has a scarecrow’s arm wrapped around his shoulder, as if they are good friends. They even have matching sweaters! He pulled off a look that only Song Joong Ki would be able to pull off with his cute charm.

During the photoshoot, he mentioned his cameo appearance in SBS‘s drama “Deep-Rooted Tree”. “Even though I only appear for four episodes, it was a really great experience. It was more challenging than being the main character in a mini series drama.”

Song Joong Ki will be appearing on the big screen soon alongside co-star Han Ye Seul for the movie “Many a Little Romance”.