Moon Geun Young Talks About Her Stay in New York

2011-10-22 23:57:25 2011-10-22 16:57:26

Actress Moon Geun Young finally emerged from her hiatus at New York by explaining her latest up-to-date news to her fans.

On October 21 Moon Geun Young wrote on her Cyworld: “I took a selca for those of you who miss me.”

The actress stated, “The past month was very lonely, scary, and difficult for me but it seems like humans really do adjust to their surroundings. Now I am not scared or afraid but spending time doing very well. My ‘English phobia’ somewhat disappeared. I am still lonely and miss many things and want to see my loved ones but I am adjusting to this as well.”

She continued, “I am still not sure whether I am still learning the things I anticipated and expected to do but I feel disappointed that I have to leave in a month because it seems like I learned things I never thought I would do. I will enjoy my stay here and come back healthy. I hope I can be a proud actress to all of you and not be an embarrassing person.”

Netizens responded: “It is a relief that you are doing well” “You are a true angel for thinking about your fans rather than yourself.”