Song Hye Gyo’s Past Fan Meeting Photo Revealed

2011-10-22 01:20:05 2011-10-21 18:20:06

A past fan meeting photo of top star Song Hye Gyo has been recently revealed .

On October 20, netizens were shocked and surprised after seeing Song Hye Gyo’s fan meeting picture from many years ago. At the time the actress had just debuted with the sitcom “Soonpoong Clinic.”

The Song Hye Gyo in the picture is seen having a conversation in front of at least twenty fans with just simple snacks and drinks.

It is a tremendous contrast to Song Hye Gyo today, who is one of South Korea’s representative actress with thousands of fans.

Netizens who have had viewed Song Hye Gyo’s past fan meeting photo responded with diverse reactions: “I am jealous of the fans who are in the picture” “Even Song Hye Gyo had a past like this?” “Song Hye Gyo’s beauty still shines through the old makeup trend” “She probably can feel the difference compared to today.”