Wonder Girls’ Sohee’s Twitter Account Gets Hacked

2011-10-22 14:12:50 2011-10-22 07:12:51

Wonder Girls’ Sohee’s Twitter account has been hacked.

On October 22, a tweet with racial slurs was posted under Sohee’s account. Netizens who saw that tweet doubted that Sohee would write such a thing. 

Even 2PM’s Taecyeon left a reply, “Sohee, I think someone hacked into your account.” To this Sohee replied, “I said goodnight and went to bed and after I opened my eyes. I saw the mention. Thank you.”

Following this, the official JYP Twitter account posted, “Sohee’s Twitter account has been hacked. We are looking into it right now and will take charge of it. Thank you.” The official Wonder Girls Twitter account posted a similar message and thanked the fans who alerted them about this. 

Netizens who received this information said, “There’s no way a public figure would post that,” “You have to be careful of hackings these days,” “It’s a relief that they will take charge right away,” “I hope Sohee isn’t misunderstood through this,” and so on.

Wonder Girls will have their comeback in November and is currently under heavy preparations.