Kim Tae Hee’s Profile on an Escorting Site

2011-10-23 09:21:59 2011-10-23 02:21:59

One of the most prominent and beautiful actresses to ever come from Korea has now gained fame overseas- on an escort servicing site.

In England, a certain escort service has gained attention for posting several pictures of the actress and claiming her as one of their employees. A profile of one the escort’s with the name of “Shatoya” displays four pictures of Kim Tae Hee on the left hand side, with descriptions of the woman as being the “’real deal’” and “’Simply, utterly, utterly, beautiful.’” Born in Hong Kong and having hazel eyes and having a 35C-25-34 profile, the escort costs € 500 ($693.35 U.S. dollars) and € 2000 ($2773.40 U.S. dollars).

The agency sponsoring this escort clearly has made a mistake on its behalf regarding identification, and may face legal problems due to its actions.