G.NA’s Body, Gorgeous at Every Angle

2011-10-24 07:32:32 2011-10-24 00:32:33

Singer G.NA showed off her beautiful body with several pictures taken from her daily life. On Ocotber 22, G.NA released three photos on her Twitter account with the heading “Wow, I’m so excited, it’s so great. It doesn’t matter how sleepy I am because whenever I come to a place like this all the fatigue just goes away.”

In the pictures, G.NA is seen standing beside a big clock, with varied poses throughout the shoot. She is wearing a fashionable red and black top with very short hot pants and black boots. Her fans have commented that “How does she turn everyday events into photo shoots?” “How do I ever get a body like that?” and “There’s not one angle that makes her look bad… How is that possible?”

Meanwhile G.NA has received lots of love and positive reviews on her album “Top Girl” which was released last month.